Little Golem

Little Golem, often abreviated LG, is a turn-based server maintained by Richard Malaschitz from Slovakia. It offers Hex on the sizes 13 and 19, and many of the top players are playing there.

In fact, the most prestigous title in the Hex world today, may very well be the Champion title at Little Golem. It is currently held by nie_wiesz.

Other games available on Little Golem include Go, Chess, Twixt, Havannah, Reversi, Dvonn, Amazons, Golem's word game, Four in a row, Gomoku, Street Soccer and Dots and Boxes.



Little Golem offers several ways of meeting opponents.

  • Rated tournaments
  • Monthly cups
  • Championship

The Forum

One distinctive feature of LG is the forum it provides. Many interesting discussion occur there, and actually HexWiki originates from the forum!

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For real-time hex games, Kurnik used to be the most popular site.

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