Board size

The board size in Hex varies, and no size is considered standard. 10 × 10 is considered by many a lower bound for interesting games.

See also the article Small boards.

10 × 10
Used to be offered on Kurnik but it no longer offers hex.
11 × 11
The size Piet Hein used.
Offered on
The standard size on pbmserv.
13 × 13
The original size on Little Golem. (Games with this size are still called "hex" by the site engine, while 19 × 19 Hex games are named "hex19".)
14 × 14
The size John Nash used.
Offered on
18 × 18
Used to be offered on Playsite and Lycos but they no longer offer hex.
19 × 19
Offered on
Offered on Little Golem.

Printable boards of size up to 14 × 14 here: Printable boards.

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